God’s Sustaining Presence

Moses water rockJust like people long ago, we sometimes ask, “God, are you there?”  In Sunday’s scripture from Exodus 17:1-7, the people of Israel are still wandering in the wilderness led by Moses and Aaron. They have set up camp and discover they have no water. In a familiar response, the people lash out at their leader, Moses. In spite of their deliverance from Egypt, their reliance on God’s sustaining presence falters once again. The people accuse Moses of intending to kill them all along. Moses, too, is frustrated, but he turns to God and God responds. God’s presence can be recognized in different forms, through different people, and in various situations if we will only trust.
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Weekly Prayer:
Incline your ear and hear us, O God. Our spirits thirst and seek renewal in your love and forgiveness. You, O God, are the One we trust for life. Stir up your power and come among us. Restore us to live in the hope of the Christ. Amen.


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