Expectant Choices

chosing directionSunday’s focus scripture text from the gospel according to Matthew 25:14-30 tells the parable of the talents. The talent is an ancient unit of money which equates to about 15 years of average wages. This vast amount of money stresses both the immense trust placed in the slaves and their enormous responsibility for the landowner’s wealth.
The landowner is away for a long time and returns unannounced and unexpectedly to settle matters. The first two slaves, who have each doubled what had been entrusted to them, are generously praised and entrusted with even more. The focus falls on the third slave who returns what he has been entrusted with, no more, no less. Though he is rebuked by the landowner, maybe this slave is the actual hero. He stood up to a demanding boss who encouraged his employees to increase his wealth by making loans or investments that charged exorbitant interest rates. Burying the funds kept them from being used for such corrupt purposes. By refusing to take action that would have oppressed others and shamed the business practices of the owner, the third slave embraces God’s reign of justice and equity. What do you think?
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Weekly Prayer: It is so easy, God, to become complacent and comfortable, at ease in the social and political environment, adapting and adopting the behaviors and priorities of the world. Help us trust in your mercy that we might infiltrate the world with your ways. Help us do all we can, and be all we are able to be, expecting your presence among us and the fullness of your realm on Earth. Amen.