How do we keep faith?

faith essentialsHave you ever noticed that some people talk about faith like a constantly renewable commodity? Is faith like gasoline where we can refill our tanks every Sunday morning or by picking up our Bibles? In Sunday’s focus scripture from the gospel according to Matthew 25: 1-13, we hear the parable of the ten bridesmaids. Weddings were a big deal in the ancient world and the party went on for days. For the small sect of Christian Jews in Matthew’s time, being prepared, or having enough lamp oil, was a reminder to keep living out their faith in Jesus. They believed that Jesus would return any time [the 2nd coming] and to be prepared with enough oil or adequate and sustaining faith, meant to wisely live their lives expressing the activity of God. Join us for more of this conversation on Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

Weekly Prayer: God of all time and this time, when I’m tired of waiting for your realm to be here, kindle the flame of faith into action. Remind me of the life-giving choice that justice, mercy and hope bring into life today. Amen.