From Suffering to Hope – June 14 Service

Suffering produces endurance produces character produces hope, or says the apostle Paul. But not everyone who suffers is able to hope. What’s the missing ingredient in this formula that moves us to hope even when everything we thought we’ve done right isn’t working, individually and collectively?

Marching with clergy June 2, 2020

Marching with Twin Cities Clergy in Saint Paul on Tuesday, June 2. It was a silent march, because too many words have been shared and lost. Black pastors led; white pastors followed, because we have their backs. Friends and family followed. The march ended in the parking lot of the Target on University Avenue that was looted on the first night of rioting in St. Paul and is now closed and boarded up. There, prayers were offered for the city and all its citizens, that justice might come and a new peace might be born, a peace we have not known, a peace for all and not just for some.

Pastor Glen Herrington Hall

The Body of Christ Can’t Breathe

Right now, the Body of Christ can’t breathe; the perpetual grief of black Americans keeps them from fully breathing fully and deeply. Until they can breath freely, the Body of Christ can not live free either.  June 7, 2020 Service.



A Pandemic Pentecost – May 31, 2020 Service

A Pandemic Pentecost – May 31, 2020 Service

Acts 2:1-8, 12-24, & 32-36

What Christians recognize as Pentecost took place on a Jewish harvest festival, when the city of Jerusalem was filled with people form many paces seeking many different languages. It was not just an event, though, it was a vision of what was and is to come: a world transformed, lives changed, boundaries broken, God’s spirit setting people free. And more than a vision, it is our vocation.

To An Unknown God

Today’s sermon: To an Unknown God. God knows all about us, but we can’t possibly know all there is to know about God. Paul talked about what matters most about what we can know, and what difference that makes. Jesus embodied it, and invites us to do so. Pastor Glen Herrington-Hall; music (Blessed Assurance, I Need Thee Every Hour) by Dawn Husmann.

Rock Solid

We are are among the many churches operating without a building for the time being. Jesus talked about a temple not made with hands; in the text for the week, Peter talks about a community not dependent on a place but on a people, gathered in the name of Christ. Such a community is built on with the living, risen Christ as its foundation. Can we be that kind of church?

Online Service for the First Congregational Church of Cannon Falls, Minnesota by Pastor Glen Herrington-Hall for May 10, 2020, featuring “I Want to be a Christian” played and sung by Dawn Husmann.

All We, Like Sheep

The service for May 3, 2020 features music performed by Dawn Husmann – “He Leadeth Me” and “Since Jesus Came into My Heart.” Today’s Scripture is the 23rd Psalm.

Today’s Sermon from Pastor Glen Herrington-Hall is “All We, Like Sheep.” We love the image of the good shepherd, Jesus lovingly caring for the cute, obedient lambs. But we are seldom very cute and not terribly obedient. Fortunately for us, the Good Shepherd knows what to do. Our God is the same God when we’re behaving ourselves as when we are in crisis or put others in peril.

Cannon Falls, Minnesota