Friday in Parma OH – 6/21

It is Friday, June 21. Our last day of camp. There is No Rain. The campers are coming back to the school one Crew at a time. Homes are being completed. If a crew was finished by 2pm, they were being moved to another site that was needing the help. We completed 100% of our work sites. So both Brian and Chuck, one of the host, will get a whip cream pie tonight at program. That was awesome. Some of our Youth were on Channel 8 News. See link below. Plus I hate to say that our Red Shirts lost to the 3on3 team from Cannon Falls.

Today along with all of my responsibility this week, I rode along with the Camp Director, Brian, getting some training on how to be a camp director. That was fun. While I was out with Brian, we saw 2 sites being interviewed and filmed for the channel 8 news in Parma OH.

Friday’s Theme is:GOD WANTS US TO PURSUE HIM (every day!) God has a heart for you, long after camp is over! Psalm 63:1-8. What happens at your mission trip doesn’t have to end or stay in that community. It can be the beginning or the next step in your relentless pursuit of God. Our last day will help us realize that God wants us to pursue him every day of our lives.
In morning program we focused on Psalm 71:17-18. We read that scripture and then asked ourselves how David’s words can be applied to our life today. Then the Crew devotions continue on with that same scripture from this morning and how it relates to Relentless. For the Evening program, the residents were invited to come for the program. We read scripture from Psalm 63,
continuing on Davids life. The youth Group Devotion continuing on the same theme.

We will be leaving Saturday morning about 8am after 7:30 check out. We will be home later that evening. Also just a reminder that the youth will be doing the sermon on July 7th at 9:30am at the 1st Congo Church.