Monday in Parma OH – 6/17

It is Monday, June 17th. When I got up this morning, I looked at my clothes to figure out what I was going to wear for the day. I felt like l was Charlie Brown looking at all his shirts, where they are all the same. So what shirt do I wear today? I’ll wear this RED SHIRT. Today I helped the campers get their lunches for the day in their coolers, went to a few sites to take pictures, and then worked the Camp Store along with my other responsibilities for the day.
Our Youth Group was split up into 10 different work crews. They are doing anything from painting (inside or outside) to building decks, stairs or even a garage wall. Today was the 1st day the youth met their Residents. The youth wore their NEW White Relentless t-Shirts, so the Residents knew they were from Work Camp.
Today’s theme for Monday: GOD CHOOSES YOU (period!) David was chosen/anointed to be king. 1 Samuel 16:7-12. As we see David chosen by God to lead his country, we will see that God chose us for his work. Work on a mission trip and the “work” he gives us at home. God has chosen each of you.
We read Psalm 136:1-3;23-26 at Morning Program today. Focusing on what God is saying to us in the Bible Passage. Then for our Crew Devotions we read from 1 Samuel 16:10-11. Then focus on what God is saying in this Bible Passage about being chosen or not. Like David was chosen to be KING. Then in Our Youth Group Devotions, we continued Focusing on with the Bible Passage for 1 Samuel 16:10-12.
Oh by the way, I forgot to wish all of you Fathers out there Happy Fathers Day. So Happy Belated Fathers Day.