Saturday Leaving Parma 6/22

It is Saturday, June 22. WOW…… Where did the week go. It seems that it was just yesterday that we were packing up the vehicles to leave on our mission trip. Well a week has gone by and all our projects are completed. We packed up, checked out, and prayed for safe travels by 8 am. We drove about 4 hours to the next stop just north of Howe, IN, where we got gas and switched vehicles. Joe’s vehicle occupants went to see Ella in Green Bay, WI, where she is working as summer staff next week (June 23-29). They got into Green Bay, WI. about 8:40 pm. The rest of us went on to Cannon Falls, in the RV. We got into Cannon Falls, MN. about 9:30 pm.
When I spoke with the youth and adults that went on our trip, they said that they loved it and would go again. Next year we are looking at going to Sheboygan, WI, which is June 21- 27. The one thing I can say is, I’m glad I went as a Red Shirt this year, but I did miss being with our Youth during their youth group devotions and hearing what they had to say. So the next time I might go to two camps; one as a Red Shirt, and a second camp as a camper with the youth.
Just a few facts on how we, the participants at this camp, impacted the community:
* There were 197 campers, from 13 different churches and 9 states
* There were 33 different work crews
* There were 25 different work sites (projects)
* All 25 work site projects were completed
* We worked 5,910 total hours during the week
* There were 425 items donated to the community food shelf, including cash donations.

Thank you to all our home church members who contributed to the food shelf and our camp scholarships.

Also just a reminder to come to church on July 7th. The Youth will be giving the Sermon that Sunday. They will be telling of their experience from camp.

Thanks again for all your support!!
Cindy Mae