Wednesday in Parma OH 6/19

It is Wednesday, June 19th. Along with my other responsibilities for the day today, I helped the campers get their lunches for the day and instead of taking pictures I followed a site coach around to different sites.
Today is our half day. So the Youth are on their sites trying to get as much down by noon due to we are looking at rain Thursday morning. The youth were back to the school by noon. They cleaned up and we were off to our youth group outing .
Our Youth Group split up in to groups. Glen and Ethan went to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame with another youth group. They really enjoyed the time they were there. Then the rest of the group drove around to some of the youth’s work sites to see what they are doing and see their progress. Then we went over to one of John Coyle’s friends(Judy & Vince). From there we went to the Squire’s Castle. While John C. and Jon S. visited with Judy and Vince about the Castle’s History, the rest of us went swimming for an hour. We went back to Judy and Vince’s house for supper. We had Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. It was an AWESOME Meal.
Wednesday’s Theme is: GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE RELATIONSHIPS (they’re a big deal!) God desires you to have friendship. 1 Samuel 20:16-17, 42. Relationships are a big deal for all of us. And yet sometimes, they are very difficult. A great example of real friendship was between David and Jonathan. They both had reasons to hate each other… to actually kill each other. But they ended up being the most loyal and committed friends.
During morning program we focused on John 13:35. After reading it slowly. We were asked to think about this: What can impact the way you interact with people and Jesus today? In our Crew Devotions we continue to look at John 13:35 and then John 15:13. Think about this: What is one way you can improve your efforts to be a better friend? For our evening program we talked about Friendship. We were asked to think of your best friend and how do they have your back like Jonathan did for David. Also what kinds of things make someone a good friend? The youth devotions was based off tonight’s evening program.