Youth Group Parma OH 6/16

It is Sunday Afternoon, June 16. We are now at Parama OH. I(Cmae) arrived at 10:45am. Due to I’m a RED Shirt this year helping on keeping the School Clean and helping out in the office. The Youth arrived at 2:10pm and then had a Cook out for lunch. It rained for the whole day to Parama OH.
We have are afternoon Program at 3pm and the Youth did a Scaver Hunt to find where things are at camp while the adults were in their meeting. Then they all got their Camp Shirts. We all had supper and then the evening program. This is where they found out what Crews they are on and what they will bedoing for the week.
This weeks Theme: Relentless
This summer your group will explore and interact with the story of David in the old testament. Despite huge successes and devastating failures, David relentlessly pursued God. He recognized God’s relentless love and mercy and responded with relentless faith, trusting God to guide and shape his life. Through faith, David became a “man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22).
Sunday: GOD RELENTLESSLY PURSUES YOU (yes you!) A person after God’s heart. Acts 13:22. God relentlessly pursues us. God wants a relationship with us. And we can relentlessly pursue God. We can have a relationship with him. Through the life of David, we will see an example of a man who pursued God and was called “A man after God’s own Heart.”