Lent v COVID-19 by CindyMae

I have been thinking the last few days…… During this time of this wide spread COVID-19 Virus throughout the US and the World, brings me back to the time of Moses in Egypt where the Israelites were forced into slavery to make bricks from mad & straw to build Pharaoh’s City. Then God sent Moses and Aaron to tell Pharaoh to “Let His People GO!!!” But Pharaoh would not. Then God send the Plagues to Egyptians namely the plagues of the First Born. God had commanded Moses to tell all the Israelites to put Lamb’s Blood and put it around the Door (on the 2 doorpost(sides) and the lintel(top)) and STAY Inside. Then the Plague would buy pass that home an everyone in the home would be safe.

The last 2 videos that Pastor made for the website talk about how Lazarus had died and then Jesus told them to remove the Stone from the tomb and Jesus Commanded Lazarus to COME FORTH!! And He did.  Lazarus was no longer dead, but He was ALIVE!!!

The Fact that this Scripture comes during Lent, got me thinking. I have heard this Scripture many times, but never got me thinking like this before. Maybe it is that back in the time of Moses the Israelites had to stay in their homes with lambs’ blood on the doors to save the lives of the 1st Born. Or it is the fact the Lazarus was dead for 4 days before Jesus got to the Tomb and commanded for Lazarus to come out. Or is it the fact that we are in the middle of our own Lenten Season with this Plague, I call COVID-19. Keeping us in our homes staying away from loved ones or the things we love doing that is getting me to think and think hard about the folks back in the Bible. I see How GOD can use anyone of us to do his work in no matter what skill level we have or think we don’t have.

During this Lenten and COVID-19 time, I see a picture of when this is all over we are walking out our doors like the Israelite from that last Plague of the First Born and Lazarus did walking out of the Tomb after being dead for 4 days, thanking God for being with us ALL Through it all. I’m not saying that God Put this COVID-19 Virus (The Plague I call it) on us, but we can use it to grow in his Love and get closer to him and be kinder to others and not to take thing for granted. As Pastor Glen stated in one of his Videos. “The church on Sundays is not our Ministry, but the results of our Ministry’s outside of our Church.”  The way I look at things we don’t need to be in Church Building to have Church. We can have Church anywhere we want and have as many or as few of folks there. I even caught myself pulling out my Bible more and praying more for other’s needs then my own wants. I look at our Lives are to be walking Ministry of Christ and showing others Christ’s Love for them.

Don’t get me wrong …. COVID-19 is NOT GOOD!! With Folks getting very sick and dying. But, maybe this COVID-19 isn’t as bad as it could be If people start thinking about getting their lives right with God.

Cindy Mae Nelson