December 13th 2020 Service

Today’s preacher is the Rev. Emily Goldthwiate Fries, Senor Congregational Coordinator for Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative. Pastor Emily is a UCC pastor, a member of Mayflower Congregational Community UCC in Minneapolis. Beacon addresses homelessness and housing inequities by creating new affordable homes for those with the lowest incomes, providing support to help keep families stable, offering shelter for those in crisis and transition, and impacting systems so housing becomes attainable for all. Her thoughtful sermon reflects on the story of Jesus’ birth as a wake-up call for all churches to provide support, care, and hospitality to those in need, which Mary and Joseph were denied when seeking a place to stay when Jesus was born.
Prayer is done by Pastor Glen Herrington-Hall.
Music is done by Dawn Husmann.
The sermon is done by Rev. Emily Goldthwiate Fries