Think about all the change you experience in a lifetime. Change comes in many forms due to technology or maybe from societal and political challenges.  And a little closer to home, change happens when we lose someone we love or when we lose a job.  An accident or a health issue could change our physical abilities.  Whether the change shakes us to our core or even for the good, it takes time to adapt and find what many call the “new normal.”  Now with the pandemic, we are experiencing change to our world in ways that was unimaginable two years ago. We feel isolated from friends, family and our daily ways of living. Our family lives and community connections are disrupted. We have been forced to find that “new normal.”

Yet, not all that has happened in the past year and a half is negative. For many of us, we are recognizing the depth of our need for connection to each other, the natural world and for some routine.  We are being given a rare opportunity to disconnect from a frenzied life of running from one place to another or from one project to another. We are being given a gift to stop, to breath, and to reflect on what and who are truly important to us. It is in our slowing down that we may hear that still, small voice of God reminding us that God’s steadfast love does not change and in that we find our comfort. – Rev. Grace Anderson

 Based on Psalm 119:76