Don’t worry – be happy!

Happiness is a good thing, right? Well…some research is now showing us that the pursuit of happiness can have a downside. Unlike the words of a popular song several years ago that encouraged us to “be happy, don’t worry” all happiness and no worries is not real life as we all know.  When we are always happy, we may not be allowing ourselves to feel anything else and process what is troubling us. Conversely, if we are always sad or worried then we are not allowing happiness and joy into our lives.

So, in this Sunday’s scripture reading (Luke 6: 17-26 we hear Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain in which he teaches us about balance. The sermon contains an equal amount of blessings and an equal amount of woes. And isn’t that what life is about – balance?  In your day and in the week to come may you nurture the light and the dark, the happy and the sad, the blessings and the woes to find that balance.      Pastor Grace