With an abundance of caution, I am letting you know that two of our members tested positive for COVID this week. Two of them attended Bible Study on Tuesday and I had contact with one of them again on Thursday. Until I know I can test and know I am safe, we (Jacqui Broin, Worship Chair) thought it would be prudent that Jacqui leads worship tomorrow morning (Sunday, May 1 in person at 9:30 a.m.). She and the other worship leaders will lead prayers and music for the service. In other words, we will have a service but without Communion or a sermon.

As the number of cases begin to rise, especially since two of our own are positive, please wear a mask if you attend the service tomorrow. And if you do have any symptoms or are positive yourselves, please feel free to watch the service on our YouTube channel (YouTube/First Congregational Church Cannon Falls).

We recognize that even as we are so done with COVID, COVID does not seem to be done with us. May our laments be mixed with prayers for those who are ill and for those of us concerned for our own health and the health of our loved ones.

With God’s peace and blessings,  Pastor Grace