Work Camp Mission Volunteers head out this weekend

This coming weekend, First Congregational Church of Cannon Falls will be sending a group of nine volunteers on a work mission trip to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. They will be part of a larger effort of young people helping with volunteer projects around the community. The theme for this year is “Go Serve” and the organizers explained it like this:

“On each trip, we will focus on God’s call on us to serve in freedom. We will discover that Jesus is the reason we serve. We will learn that serving is a way to give praise to God. We will challenge ourselves to serve even when no one notices. We will remember that the ultimate example of service is Jesus’ humility and willingness to die for us. And we will discover that God blesses us when we serve.”

Pastor Grace commissioned the group at the outdoor church service last Sunday. Here’s the list of this year’s participants:

1. Samuel Coyle
2. Thomas Coyle
3. Taylor Coyle
4. Cadie Chorost
5. Andrea Eiden
6. Joe Coyle – Chaperone
7. John Coyle – Chaperone
8. Ella Coyle – Chaperone
9. Cindy Mae Nelson – Chaperone

We’ll be posting pictures and stories during the week of work camp so that church members back home can share in the experience. Please pray for a safe and fulfilling journey for all!