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August 27 Prayer

Pastor Glen shares a prayer written by Minnesota UCC Conference Minister, the Rev. Shari Prestemon, written while watching the news late Wednesday night, as Hurricane Laura made landfall and Minneapolis erupted again with violence in the streets. A beautiful prayer fitting for difficult days and painful nights.

August 16 Service – This Week’s Service – Life is a Spiritual Issue

Ever wonder what’s going to happen to all those who are wrong? You know, the unrepentant, the non-believers, who have fallen away, who don’t believe the right things or aren’t living the right way, like you and me. That question raises big spiritual problems. But not the ones you might think. This is the third, and last (for now) in a series on Life is a Spiritual Issue, and it begins with Paul worrying about the fate of his fellow Jews, asking who’s in and who’s out.

Scripture – Romans 9:1-5.  Pastor  Glen Herrinton-Hall; music by Dawn Husmann.

Life is a Spiritual Experience: Jacob – August 2 2020 Service

Jacob, an ancestor of our faith, struggled through this life, not realizing his problems were spiritual, and so were the solutions. Which is true for all of us, most, if not, all of the time. Life itself is a spiritual experience for people of faith, like Jacob. That’s this week’s message from Pastor Glen Herrington-Hall: Life is a Spiritual Experience: Jacob.

“Words” July 12th 2020 Service

The same words can mean different things to different people, so it’s important to be careful with the words we use. When the apostle Paul speaks about flesh and spirit, it’s important for us to understand what he’s really talking about. To Paul, it’s a matter of life or death.