Thursday in Parma OH – 6/20

It is Thursday, June 20th. The week is about over and the youth are trying so hard to get their site projects done for by 3:30 pm Friday. They were told if we get 100% of the Camps Sites completed that Chuck (one of the Camp Host) and Brian (the Camp Director) will take a Whip Cream PIE in the Face. As of this evening they have about 3 sites out of 25 Completed. About 90% of the sites have some type of panting that is needing to be done. But due to the Rain we had late this morning and early afternoon, some of those sites have been delayed.
Today they had a 3 on 3 tournament. Our Youth had a team and they won. Now they play my team, the Red Shirt on Friday afternoon.
My responsibilities have been about the same all week long. But today I got some Site Coach Training with Jeff and Mark 2 of the Site Coaches that are at this camp. The Awesome Summer Staff, stated the other day that I was crazy, but they love me for it.
Thursday’s Theme is: GOD FORGIVES YOU (for everything!) Moving forward, past your sin. The story of David and Bathsheba. 2 Samuel 11. No matter what we’ve done or thought, God forgives us. It’s sometimes hard to believe or understand but it’s always true. David’s example will be our guide as we learn that truth for ourselves. God forgives… all of it.
During the morning program we focused on Psalm 51:1-3;7-10. We talked about sin we/you struggled with the most – the one you keep saying you won’t do anymore. Then with this sin in mind and remembering what Psalm 51 states. Then we read Psalm 51 again slowly as a prayer and made it our own. In our Crew Devotions, we we continue to read Psalm 51 talking about Sin and Transgressions. In the evening program we talked about forgiveness. How God can forgive our sons. Then for our Youth Group Devotions we read 2 Samuel 12:7-9,13-14. The scripture talks of how God sends his prophet Nathan to confront David of his Sin.

Wednesday in Parma OH 6/19

It is Wednesday, June 19th. Along with my other responsibilities for the day today, I helped the campers get their lunches for the day and instead of taking pictures I followed a site coach around to different sites.
Today is our half day. So the Youth are on their sites trying to get as much down by noon due to we are looking at rain Thursday morning. The youth were back to the school by noon. They cleaned up and we were off to our youth group outing .
Our Youth Group split up in to groups. Glen and Ethan went to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame with another youth group. They really enjoyed the time they were there. Then the rest of the group drove around to some of the youth’s work sites to see what they are doing and see their progress. Then we went over to one of John Coyle’s friends(Judy & Vince). From there we went to the Squire’s Castle. While John C. and Jon S. visited with Judy and Vince about the Castle’s History, the rest of us went swimming for an hour. We went back to Judy and Vince’s house for supper. We had Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. It was an AWESOME Meal.
Wednesday’s Theme is: GOD WANTS YOU TO HAVE RELATIONSHIPS (they’re a big deal!) God desires you to have friendship. 1 Samuel 20:16-17, 42. Relationships are a big deal for all of us. And yet sometimes, they are very difficult. A great example of real friendship was between David and Jonathan. They both had reasons to hate each other… to actually kill each other. But they ended up being the most loyal and committed friends.
During morning program we focused on John 13:35. After reading it slowly. We were asked to think about this: What can impact the way you interact with people and Jesus today? In our Crew Devotions we continue to look at John 13:35 and then John 15:13. Think about this: What is one way you can improve your efforts to be a better friend? For our evening program we talked about Friendship. We were asked to think of your best friend and how do they have your back like Jonathan did for David. Also what kinds of things make someone a good friend? The youth devotions was based off tonight’s evening program.

Tuesday in Parma OH – 6/18


It is Tuesday, June 18th. The weather today is partly sunny and so far no rain. Along with my other responsibilities for the day, today I helped the campers get their lunches for the day, worked in the Camp Office, and because I did such an Awesome job with the Camp Store they asked if I could work it again.
There are 13 different Youth Groups at this camp.

Spoke with some of our youth today. They stated they are having lots of fun. Between doing the Get Down Dance from by Audio Adrenaline during the evening program to working with their doing the site project. Most of them are doing painting and with some construction. They are mostly replacing the bad boards and putting in some new steps.
One thing I forgot to mention yesterday, they introduced CARE CARDS. Here is the website that explains care cards better then I can. It is about Teddy and Fluffy . I LOVE this video and I hope you do too.
Today’s theme for Tuesday: GOD IS WITH YOU (always!) God helps you overcome. The story of David and Goliath. 1 Samuel 17. No matter what we’re going through, God is with us. It’s not always easy to see or know but God is right there with us. As we explore the story of David and Goliath, we will discover that the most important difference between David (the shepherd boy) and Goliath, (the giant warrior) was that God was with David.
In our Morning Program today, we read Psalm 139:1-10 slowly. Then paused when something jumped out at us. Then asked yourself, what were the day’s highs and lows for the pass 24 hrs. In the Crew Devotions, we read 1 Samuel 17:34-35. Can you imagine having that kind of Confidence as David did when facing Goliath? Then we continued on with that Scripture for our Youth Group and also read 1 Samuel 17:37. Then asked,”Why did David know that he will not be alone?”

Monday in Parma OH – 6/17

It is Monday, June 17th. When I got up this morning, I looked at my clothes to figure out what I was going to wear for the day. I felt like l was Charlie Brown looking at all his shirts, where they are all the same. So what shirt do I wear today? I’ll wear this RED SHIRT. Today I helped the campers get their lunches for the day in their coolers, went to a few sites to take pictures, and then worked the Camp Store along with my other responsibilities for the day.
Our Youth Group was split up into 10 different work crews. They are doing anything from painting (inside or outside) to building decks, stairs or even a garage wall. Today was the 1st day the youth met their Residents. The youth wore their NEW White Relentless t-Shirts, so the Residents knew they were from Work Camp.
Today’s theme for Monday: GOD CHOOSES YOU (period!) David was chosen/anointed to be king. 1 Samuel 16:7-12. As we see David chosen by God to lead his country, we will see that God chose us for his work. Work on a mission trip and the “work” he gives us at home. God has chosen each of you.
We read Psalm 136:1-3;23-26 at Morning Program today. Focusing on what God is saying to us in the Bible Passage. Then for our Crew Devotions we read from 1 Samuel 16:10-11. Then focus on what God is saying in this Bible Passage about being chosen or not. Like David was chosen to be KING. Then in Our Youth Group Devotions, we continued Focusing on with the Bible Passage for 1 Samuel 16:10-12.
Oh by the way, I forgot to wish all of you Fathers out there Happy Fathers Day. So Happy Belated Fathers Day.

Youth Group Parma OH 6/16

It is Sunday Afternoon, June 16. We are now at Parama OH. I(Cmae) arrived at 10:45am. Due to I’m a RED Shirt this year helping on keeping the School Clean and helping out in the office. The Youth arrived at 2:10pm and then had a Cook out for lunch. It rained for the whole day to Parama OH.
We have are afternoon Program at 3pm and the Youth did a Scaver Hunt to find where things are at camp while the adults were in their meeting. Then they all got their Camp Shirts. We all had supper and then the evening program. This is where they found out what Crews they are on and what they will bedoing for the week.
This weeks Theme: Relentless
This summer your group will explore and interact with the story of David in the old testament. Despite huge successes and devastating failures, David relentlessly pursued God. He recognized God’s relentless love and mercy and responded with relentless faith, trusting God to guide and shape his life. Through faith, David became a “man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22).
Sunday: GOD RELENTLESSLY PURSUES YOU (yes you!) A person after God’s heart. Acts 13:22. God relentlessly pursues us. God wants a relationship with us. And we can relentlessly pursue God. We can have a relationship with him. Through the life of David, we will see an example of a man who pursued God and was called “A man after God’s own Heart.”

Youth Group in Angola, IN – 6/15

It is Saturday Morning, June 15th. After a good night sleep, we found out who’s air mattress stayed up and who’s didn’t. After having breakfast, cleaning up, and taking a group picture, We left the church about 9:30 a.m. We stopped at a sculpture place called world of Dr Evermor. Here is the website They had lots of cool sculptures.

We got rain in Belvidere, IL to Angola, IN.
After being on the road for a while, we stopped at Walmart to get a few things (like an air mattress or two). We were going to get food to cook out for lunch but it was raining too hard and we stopped at Chipotle for lunch. Then we were back on the road. 2 miles down the road one of the Youth stated that they left their bag at Chipotle. So one of the vehicles went back to get it.
We all finally arrived at the First Congregational Church in Angola, IN at 8:45pm. It stopped raining by the time we arrived there. John and Joe are going to get pizza for supper. That really sounds good after a long days drive. The Youth have their beds set up for the night and are playing hide and seek, while waiting for supper to get done. The next time you see Pastor Glen at church ask him about Banana Math.

Youth Group in Baraboo WI – 6/14

It is 11 p.m. and we finally made it into Baraboo WI. We had planned to be here by 9:30pm, but we had some issues while driving here. We ran out of gas in one of our vehicles and the other one lost its tail lights but we all made it here safe and sound. We just need to pray for tomorrow that we have a safe travel day to Angola, IN, our next stopping spot for the night on Saturday (6/15). We got a tour of the church in Baraboo WI. It is a Beautiful!!! They have a light that is shined one of their stained glass windows that goes off on a timer.

The kids are having a fun time. They are playing hide and go seek. They do this each year. The churches have so many good places to hide, it’s so hard to find them. The game can go on forever.
Please continue to pray for safe travels.

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2019 Youth Mission Trip to Parma, OH is Here!!!!

Well it early Friday Morning (6/14). Campers either finishing up packing for the trip or fast to sleep dreaming of what they need to do the next day. The Youth have their own Packing list and the Adults have their own. The Adults List is longer due to they are asked to bring Tools, Ladders and Coolers. This year our camp we are going to has stated that they have all the Ladders they need and have asked for the campers (Youth Groups) not to bring any. That will save lots of room in the U-Haul Trailer.

The 11 campers, will be meeting at the Church (First Congregational Church Cannon Falls) at 5pm to load up the U-Haul and the 2 vehicles that will be going on the trip. We will have a Prayer for safe travels and the folks that we will be serving during the week (June 16-22). Then Say bye to our love ones and hope to be on the Road by 5:45pm. We will be stopping in Baraboo, WI on Friday Night (6/14) and then stopping in Angola, IN. We will be staying at First Congregational Churches in both cities. Then be in Parma, OH between noon and 2pm on Sunday (6/16). So stay tune for more posts and pictures as the week goes on. I will leave you with this Photo of the Bulletin Board that was put up by Sandra Maglic. She did an AWESOME JOB!!! Thanks Sandra!

Guest Musician Brother Timothy in Worship

Singer-songwriter, artist, educator and teacher Timothy Frantzich will share worship leadership at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Cannon Falls at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 9.

Performing as Brother Timothy, he has been writing and singing for more than three decades. Currently based in Stillwater, MN and active in many venues in the area, he has also sung in New York at Riverside Church, Los Alamos NM, Los Angeles, the UK, and, most recently, in China during extended says in 2018 and again earlier this year. He has appeared with Arlo Guthrie and on Prairie Home Companion as well as many local artists and performers. “1000 pubs and 1000 churches,” his website says. His solo CD, “our lost & wild daughter,” is full of prayers, dance, gardening, and hope.

Mary Pat Kleven

Cannon Falls, Minnesota